A Little about us…

Calling all Motorcycle Fans, Riders, Lovers & Freaks!

We are looking for riders who like to ride with a bunch of friends, stop to enjoy a few refreshments and keep riding. We plan to hold weekly rides leaving Barrie South end, Alliston or Angus Area.  We like to find a place with GAS, Washrooms and Food Near by.   Suggestions are always Welcome!

Weeknight rides will leave around 6:30pm typically be an hour out 15-30min stop at Tims, or DQ for Ice Cream or something like that then a ride back to the starting place via a different route,  roughly 3 Hours round trip, 6:30 to 9:30 Type of thing.   Sometimes the ride getting there is a little longer and we take a more direct route home when the sunshine is fading fast or gone.

Weekend rides tend to be longer,  We want to attempt to please everyone.  We would like to plan a full day ride say leaving at 9am or so and aiming to be back by dinner 6pm.  Some people don’t have that much time and thats ok, join us for part of the ride and leave early or we are going to try to post our Lunch Stop and you can meet us there, or I again welcome ANYONE to plan a half day ride for those who still want to get out but can’t commit or spend the full day during weekends.

All group members will be able to just post up a “meetup” say your off work Thursday and want to go for a ride during the day, post it up!  Or you want to ride on a Tuesday after work and like company …. post it!

This is YOUR club and we all mainly want to get out to ride and enjoy motorcycles

  on the open road so the more rides the better!

All will be welcome to ride and plan routes for the group.

None of the politics or cliques that you have to jump though hoops,

or salute the Club President and such.  You must just love to ride!

Ride Safe and Have Fun will be our motto!

All makes, years and models are welcome as long as its road worthy.

We only require 3 things when you JOIN THE GROUP and want to have fun, ride and be safe:

– A Driver’s License with an M1 or greater
– Valid Insurance
– Helmet

DOT Approved Helmets is the law in Ontario but motorcycle attire is your choice.

Alcohol and/or drug use before or during motorcycling is strongly discouraged.

We also encourage that your bike is in good working order, to the best of your knowledge.


                                        We are in no way affiliated with the Rolling Thunder®, Inc. USA.  
                         This is a local group of people who just like to ride and enjoy each others company
                                   while our pack of bikes sound like thunder while rolling down the road.